Welcome to Lawshall Pre-School

About our Pre-School

Lawshall Pre-School is a self-funded organisation and charity, run by a committee.  We are located within a purpose built building in the grounds of All Saints’ Primary School in Lawshall, Suffolk.

We believe in a fun and active path for early years education, allowing the children in our care to develop at their own pace, in a safe environment with activities they love.  Our mission is to help each child make the transition from preschool to reception and onwards into the main school with confidence and ease.

We have three main areas at Lawshall Preschool.

The main room, which is split into lots of different areas for messy play, computer, cars, sand, writing; our break out room with dressing up, books, a shop, a cosy quiet corner and our register area; outside with hard surface for bike riding and chalk drawing on the floor, grass for cartwheels and head-over-heels, a garden, a play house, slides and climbing frames, willow den and hill for lots of imaginative play.

Lawshall Preschool